Nakamichi NDST500A Car Hi-Res Audio Digital Signal Processor Amplifier




Nakamichi NDST500A Car Hi-Res Audio Digital Signal Processor Amplifier

Nakamichi JAPAN is introducing its latest Digital Signal Processor to their NDST lineup with the NDST500A Hi-Res DSP with built-in amplifier. The NDST500A has been designed with 12 channels to allow for a wide variety of aftermarket sound integrations as well as time correction and equalizer tools to fine tune the acoustics within the vehicle.
The NDST500A is designed from the ground up to be Hi-Res capable, while carrying on features from the NDS series of DSPs which include ease of installation with OEM or factory systems with a selection of customized OE fit cables, Nakamichi head unit, or any other compatible brands of aftermarket head units.

The NDST500A also comes with a built-in amplifier providing 10 channels of output power (RMS 2CHx80W, 4CHx40W, 4CHx25W @4Ω) for installations without requiring an external amplifier, just add on a Nakamichi active subwoofer and you are good to go.
The included Nakamichi remote control with large control knob can be installed cleanly on the vehicle’s dashboard for easy volume and bass adjustments and source selection. Music can also be streamed using the NDST500A’s Bluetooth connection, bypassing the head unit altogether.





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