Barrow Computer Copper Radiator – DABEL-60A Series




Barrow Computer Copper Radiator – DABEL-60A Series

BARROW Dabel-A series of water-cooled copper standard row height 60MM, suitable for most standard and compact chassis to install and use. Waterways pure copper material, water chamber brass, stainless steel fan mounting bracket.

120mm, 240mm, 360mm three lengths with specifications, using 12 high-density single waterway wave fin design, high-performance cooling fin shape design +12 strip more flat tube flow channel, can provide better heat transfer performance and more more air contact area to help improve and enhance the cooling capacity of the cold row, providing the same level of a higher level of thermal performance.


  • Unilateral double outlet + 3 single interface combinations bottom outlet, provides a wealth of expansion and practicality
  • Suitable for installation 12CM cooling fan
  • Material: Copper + Brass + stainless steel
  • Color: Black


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