Bykski Computer Radiator Copper 240mm G1/4 B-240RD-M


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BYKSKI, known as one of the biggest water block provider in China, introduced GT-ROZ-AM CPU water blocks. The water blocks were supported for modern AMD CPUs.

The BYKSKI GT-ROZ-AM series uses red copper of the base, and uses Nickel plating for the anti-oxidation treatment. On top of the base, it uses lucid PMMA material to make it visible of coolant flow input and output. The individual butterfly design of the aluminum bracket makes the water block more attractive in the computer case. And with high temperature Teflon coating on the bracket surface, it provides four different colors, including white color red color, blue color, green, yellow and black color.

Compatibility: AMD Socket AM1, AM2, AM3, AM4 and the latest Ryzen series CPU.

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