PIAA Halogen Hyper Arros 2500K Ion Yellow – H4, H7, H8, H11, H16, HB3/HB4 (9005/9006)


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PIAA Halogen Hyper Arros Ion Yellow 2500K – H4, H7, H8, H11, H16, HB3/HB4

With the Hyper Arros Ion Yellow range of car headlight bulbs, PIAA have answered the age-old question of how best to ensure clearer vision in adverse weather conditions. The Hyper Arros Ion Yellow design (by Japanese automotive lighting experts, PIAA) allows for a significantly better sight thanks to a lower-than-standard color temperature of 2500K, characterized by a penetrating yellow light color.

Not only does the Hyper Arros Ion Yellow’s projection stand out more in terms of style, but PIAA has specifically achieved this unique 2500K light color to make use of its ability to shine through any number of harsh climates. The Hyper Arros Ion Yellow as such can project a vastly superior, clearer path than standard through a variety of otherwise imposing natural elements: be it rain, fog, snow, or even sand.

Whatever the weather, the vivid yellow light of PIAA’s Hyper Arros Ion Yellow will hold you in good stead.


Features and benefits:

  • 2500K specially lowered colour temperature
  • Vivid yellow light projection
  • Enhances sight through poor weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, sand etc)
  • 10cm black PIAA logo sticker included
  • Manufactured in Korea







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