PIAA Halogen Hyper Arros 3900K 55 Watt (110Watt) 120% Brighter


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PIAA Halogen Hyper Arros 3900K 55 Watt (110Watt)

For headlights that achieve maximum performance and style, choose PIAA’s Hyper Arros. Manufactured to the highest technical standards, the new Hyper Arros range of bulbs from PIAA boasts 120% more light in a durable design whilst still remaining road legal.

As well as offering superior brightness to the standard halogen, the superlative craftsmanship of the Hyper Arros means that they are also reliable and durable. Don’t choose between safety, brightness, style or road legality: have them all. Bring your surroundings into sharp focus and make your journeys safer.

Features and benefits

  • 3900K bright light to ensure safety
  • Heat-resistant glass enhances bulb lifetime
  • 120% more light than standard
  • Robust, reliable design
  • Road legal
  • Designed in Japan





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