PIAA LP530 3.5″ LED Driving Foglamp Light Kit




LP530 3.5″ LED Driving Light Kit

The new PIAA LED (Light Emitting Diode) Driving light kit offers the beam control of a halogen light with the low power consumption and durability of an LED light. As a light source LED’s offer several advantages over their halogen counterparts including very low power consumption, compact size and durability. Unlike most LED lights currently on the market that position the LED aimed straight out forward the LP530 Lights aim the LEDs at the reflector. This new orientation of the light source allows for far better beam control and output than the conventional layout. In place of a traditional halogen bulb each light uses two 3W LEDs producing a very white beam with a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin. LEDs with a computer designed multi-surface reflector gives a true high performance driving pattern in a lightweight, durable light that requires a fraction of the power used by a comparable halogen light.


  • Two High output LEDs with total 9 watts per lamp.
  • Brilliant 6000K Light Output
  • Reflector Facing Technology puts more light where the rider needs it
  • Long range driving beam for superior visibility
  • IP67 compliant against water and dust incursion
  • Ultra durable 10g vibration and impact compliant


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Weight 1 kg
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12-13.5 Volt




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