Smart Water Level Controller – Tuya Smart Home IoT Irrigator





Main Features:

  1. Real-Time Supervision: APP can display the current water level,
  2. Turn on/off equipment (relay 1) remotely via App. Users can also control it on/off by manual switch button B.
  3. Two relay outputs: Relay 1 control water level, Relay 2 for Anti water dry heating protection.
  4. Preset”Add water” or “Pump water” working mode, can auto turn on/off relay 1 when it reaches to the preset water level value.
  5. Set upper and Lower limit value of water level alarm via APP, real-time push alarm notification to users’ smartphone.
  6. Can set relay 1 running or delay working time.

Item Specification:

  • Device Name: Can be modified
  • On/Off Switch of Relay 1: It is only effective when the current water level is between the preset start and stop-water level value.
  • Display real-time water level.
  • Five water levels: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
  • Choose working mode: Adding water or Pumping water.
  • Set the water level value of auto-starting/stopping.
  • Anti Water Dry heating protection: In adding water mode, auto turn on/off the heater. When the water level is lower than 25%, auto-turn off relay output 2, when the water level is ≥25%, auto-delay 15s to
  • Enable/disable alarm notification.
  • Set the upper and Lower limit value of the water level alarm.
  • Set delay time
  • Show current sensor status.
  • Set limited running time of relay output 1.



Additional information

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