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Barrow Energy series AMD RYZEN AM4 CPU Water Block (Supreme Edition)


Belong to category:Energy Series

Using 0.4MM micro channel process, the flow of water through the cold water inlet head into the cold head, through the guide plate inside the transverse uniform injection into the distance of 0.4MM micro channel copper plate, the internal circulation of the cold head and through the outlet, in the process of rapid heat generated by CPU liquid cooling medium fast away, the completion of the CPU heat exchange work.
Patent circular design
The product is compatible with LRC full-color RGB lighting control system.
The product comes standard with no controller, if necessary, please buy separately.
AMD all the cold side of the head of the standard integrated hand screw aluminum alloy installation screws, without the need for complex installation procedures, a simple way to install the front, only four screws can be tightened (standard does not contain AMD metal backplane)

Compatibility: AMD Socket AM1, AM2, AM3, AM4 and the latest Ryzen series CPU.

Important: You need LRC 2.0 controller which is not include in this sale.


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