Barrow DDC Pump Cover PC Water Cooling – TBJDT10-V1




Barrow DDC Pump Cover PC Water Cooling – TBJDT10-V1

Barrow 2015 series DDC pumps specially modified upper cover
Barrow pump cover products according to the machining process demanding requirements and fluid engineering design art grade combination, redefine the water-cooled accessories acme industrial aesthetics.
Brushed Black Titanium Surface
The joint product for the atmosphere foil accessories, the product standard.
Main material: brass plating
Tooth gauge: G1/4 (international general tooth gauge)
Quantity: 1PCS / group
Dimensions: 62MM (long) *62MM (wide) *20MM (height)
Screw specification: M4*30 M4*22 (8)
Wrench tool: M4 (package with wrench tool)

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