HELLA Car LED Headlight Retrofit – LED-HL H4 6500K




HELLA Car LED Headlight Retrofit – LED-HL H4 6500K

Modern halogen lamps provide proper road illumination to many vehicles. However, as good as they may be, they cannot rival the superior LED technology!
Brighter, stronger, cooler: Up until now, the only way to enjoy bright, daylight-like light color provided by LED’s was to use LED headlights. This is no longer the case!
HELLA is proud to introduce a full portfolio of LED retrofit lamps. Car drivers equipped with halogen fog lights can easily upgrade to the advantages of LED technology. The broad product range offers a high coverage of vehicles.

Special heat dissipation: The Retrofit bulbs are equipped with a built-in motor fan and a high-quality aluminum heat sink with anodized coating, providing a large radiation area. Thus, the heat can be dissipated effectively, reducing the danger of overheating, and ensuring optimal brightness at any time of operation.
The Retrofit bulbs work for both 12V and 24V applications.
The innovative brand-new all-in-one bulb design includes an integrated driver box, offering multiple advantages. The constant current driver prevents overheating by automatically dimming at high temperatures. The compact driver box provides more space for the bulb body while the center ring facilitates easy fitting.


Features & Specifications:

  • Plug and play
  • Color: 6500K
  • Bulb type: H1/H3/H4/H7/H11/HB3/HB4/HIR2 (*)
  • Input: 12/24 volt
  • Power: 19-24 watt (depends on model)

What’s in the box:

  • 2 x Hella LED Retrofit bulb

(*) = Canbus is not included in sale, some car need canbus decoder.



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