Barrow Aurora LRC 2.0 RGB 8 Channel With Remote Controller – DK201


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Barrow Aurora LRC 2.0 RGB – 8 Channels with Remote Controller

Compatible with all 5V BARROW interface with the same type of RGB lighting components products

The RGB light can be controlled by the controller to realize the lighting effect of the multi group lighting components. On board indicator light: the abnormal state of the blue light flashing, the normal state of the blue indicator light often power failure memory function.

Item Specifications:

  • Voltage: 5V
  • Remote control 8 way RGB light controller
  • Power interface: 5V large P male and female connector
  • Input interface: 2 Pin anti plug interface
  • Output interface: 3 Pin anti plug interface
  • Output interface number: 8
  • Fixed mode: screw or adhesive(M4)
  • Control mode: RF remote control
  • Harness length: 500MM
  • 400 light beads or 7 LED strips with 1 meters
  • Warranty: one year


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